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The application supports simple but effective teaching and learning, with a variety of quiz types, automatically grading papers, creating reports, and exporting transcripts.

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Ocanus provides great solutions to help teachers optimize teaching and assignment

Classroom management
Create Tests, Grading & Reporting
Urge Students to Take Quiz

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Students can easily do homework, practice and take exams

A student can attend many different classes. Helps students easily manage their assignments and learning progress.

Students do not need to wait for teachers to grade and return papers. From the first submission, students can see their scores, as well as correct and incorrect answers.

If the teacher does not limit the number of times the assignment can be submitted, students can retake the assignment multiple times. This will increase self-study skills as well as students' results will improve significantly

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Questions type

Ocanus has a variety of question types

Drag and drop questions
Multiple-choice questions
Dropdown questions
Page questions


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Teachers can create unlimited classes

Teachers can create unlimited students

Teachers can create an unlimited number of quizzes

Ocanus is completely free, with unlimited features for all accounts

A student's account will be created by the student's teacher

Ocanus supports the feature of creating time-limited quizzes

Ocanus supports creating quiz in advance and students can participate on the opening day